Protect your eyes from digital blu light





Digital devices change our eyesight och cause digital eye stress

Today 8 out of 10 adults spend more than 6 hours per day in front of computer screens, tablets and smartphones.

This alters not only the spectrum of light we are exposed to, but also the way in which we see.

Digital eye stress can actually change our eyesight, making it worse.










We spend much more time in front of LED viewing screen

We sit much too close to screen for long periods of time, often because of poor lighting and screen reflection.

The eyes are unable to rest, and lose their ability to focus at different distances (Digital eye stress).

Viewing digital screens leads to blinking less frequently, so that the cornea is not kept sufficiently moist.

This causes one’s eyes to become dry and irritated, which eventually leads to deterioration of eyesight.






Light can be a source of eye injuries

We know that too much UV-light can damage skin and eyes, so we protect ourselves with sunscreen and sunglasses.

But even digital blue-light (HEV) can damage the eyes, and if that happens then we also need to protect ourselves with appropriate means, such as using a protective film on all digital screens.  







Consequences of digital eye stress


Red and dry eyes

Sleeping problems

Concentration difficulties


Light spectrum


Computer screens, reading tablets and smartphones emit a strong LED-radiation coming from the light spectrum’s most dangerous and most harmful light i.e. the blue-violet zone, with wave lenghts of between 380 och 440 nm.
The blue light is not refracted by the cornea and the lens, but instead it reaches all all the way to the retina.






Blue-light radiation

Short-term exposure causes:

  • Visual tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Red eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Difficulties sleeping

Long-term exposure:

Risk factors for AMD (age-related Macular Degeneration).

The biggest cause of blindness in the world.




EU DIRECTIVE 2016/425 on Personal Protective Equipment

UNI EN ISO 12312-1:2015 Eyewear security

DIRECTIVE 2001/95/CE “General product security”







The only protective film with two functions





Reduced visual tiredness

Better visual contrast

Increased ocular lubrication

Enables falling asleep and quality
of sleep

Prevent headaches

Highest optical standard

Italian innovation and manufacture










Eye Protection kit includes

1 Protective screen against blue screen light and reflection
1 Microfiber cloth for cleaning of the screens
Instruktioner för correct mounting

ÖgonSkydd has protective films for screen sizes up to 24’’