Grow vegetables in your own kitchen


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This is a completely automatic and unique greenhouse cabinet for professional use.
It is meant to be used for cultivating plants ecologically, specifically, various types of vegetables, sprouts and herbs.
Decorative to place in a dining hall or in a kitchen. Guaranteed to produce results that taste good, are flavorful, and also nutritional.


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Your indoor greenhouse

Thanks to Odlingsskåpet you have fresh vegetables, spices and herbs whenever you want them.

A mini vegetable garden Made in Italy, indipendent of the seasons and the weather.
Savour the flavours and scents of the Mediterranean cuisine in your very own home.
Eating carefully, choosing healthy foods, means living well.
That’s why vegetables should be an irreplaceable element in your meals.
You will be alble to eat vegetables with a high content of vitamins and minerals every day.
Produced in your very own home.

Vegetables that tou grow at home

Growing vegetables has never been easier. Insert the pod, add water and select from the display. Semplicity, anytime, anywhere.

Check out the crops available

Vegetables grown with Odlingsskåpet, as well as being of excellent quality, maintain all their natural characteristics without GMOs, chemical additives or pesticides. Furthermore we are safeguarding the planet by saving water and reducing CO2 emissions compared to conventional farming and transport.
Calcium, iron, potassium, zinc. There are just a few of the macro and microelements contained naturally in soil. The same that are contained in the nutrient solution.
Pre-dosed and ready for use.

Basil ( Greek, Italian, Rosie)


Herbs ( Chives, Parsley, Rocket, Spinach, Valerian)


Sprouts ( Carrots, Pink cabbage, Shoots of watercress, Radish, Mustard)


Salad (Gentile, Baby leaf, Iceberg, Oak leaf, Lollo, Romaine, Salanova)




Meant to be used by anyone, the pods contain natural substrates, high quality seeds, no GMO´s, no chemicals additives, antiparasitics or pesticides. Vacuum packed in controlled environments, their freshness and germination characteristics remain uncharged for 12 months.
Plastic? Paper? Aluminium? Glass? Forget about all these. The pods are made of biodegradable and compostable materials. You just throw them in the compost heap and they will become natural fertilizer for your garden or ecological fuel to heat your home.




LED, the light that makes the difference

LED system illuminates and nourished your vegetables, for healthy and natural growth.
Day and night, sunrise and sunset. And then again day and night. The LEDs faithfully and naturally reproduce the daily light cycle. Each light frequency is carefully calibrated for the healthy growth of the vegetables.
A temperate climate even at the North Pole? Why not?



With Odlingsskåpet, you can bring the warmth of the Mediterranean climate directly to your home. Each shelf is a world full of light, warmth, gentle rain and pure air.
The software program we use is the most advanceded software in the creation of microclimates. You choose which vegetables to grow. The program does everything else.
If there should be a power cut, the production cycle continues exactly where it stopped.
At the end of the production cycle there will be a warning, but the program automatically takes care of keeping everything perfect, until you’re ready to put in a new culture.

Enjoy your meal!